CRM Approach

We believe the best CRM programs are those that leverage data to drive decision making and integrate the data mining process within the greater CRM approach. The Boire Filler Group’s approach to CRM employs a 4-step process: Analyze, Plan, Interact, and Measure.

Analyze: Customer value and insights define the value proposition and rank segments.

Plan: Segment values drive investment strategy and communication plans

Interact: Effective implementation and contact management supports the customer experience

Measure: Objective evidence the program is delivering financial value to the business.

As with all marketing the objective of CRM programs is to change customer behavior. The measurability of CRM enables effective testing and learning to improve practices. Results are shared and used to further enrich customer insights and validate customer value inputs. In this way, an effective CRM program is iterative and require on-going management to optimize their return.

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